Friday, 6 July 2012

Top 5 Essential Disco albums.

Giorgio Moroder - From here to Eternity (1977) Giorgio is certainly a vastly important figure in the modern music world. It was his production of 'love to love you baby' by Donna Summer that kicked off many modern musical genres and styles (that and the influence of Kraftwerk). The echoing of a thoroughly modern sound can be heard on 'from here to eternity'. I love 'I'm left, you're right, I'm gone'. It fills me with pride that one person could create such a song using just a synthesizer. Look to the future, look to the past! Dodgy picture on front, though! Indeep – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (1982) Disco influenced by early Hip Hop. Great baselines, frivolous drum beats and a sultry singing make for one hell of a funky disco classic and that's just the title track. The rest of the album shifts between early House music, Soul, Funk and hip hop but underneath it all is the constancy of the disco beat driving the sound. Don't go straight to the title track, try others...'the record keeps spinning' and 'when OTS talk' are great! One downfall is that some of it can sound a bit outdated however. Kendricks, Eddie – Eddie Kendricks (1973) I love Eddie Kendricks. An unlikely disco star, more a Soul man but this album is all disco. Previously the falsetto voice of the Temptations he went on to release this disco classic. 'Keep on trucking' is a dance floor whore of a song but yet still manages to drip with cool! It's Motown doing disco, which was a wise move. The rest of the album is also hip and happening as well! Pointer Sisters – Having a Party (1977) Having a party is a fun album. You can let your hair down to it and it's not just for he ladies. Some songs drip honey funk, such as 'don't it drive you crazy', some just make you want to jump out of your seat and dance like a loon ('having' a party'). Walter Murphy – The Best of... (1996) What can I say about Mr Murphy? A disco arranger of old classical music or utter genius. I will go for genius. Anyone who can write a 'fifth of Beethoven' deserves that status! The rest of the album is Funky beyond funky. It is defiantly of its age but who cares, it is great music!

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